Land of Love

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At the end of this summer, a new land will rise up on a mythical landscape, a place where history has been written and new adventures will emerge.

Our universe and everything in it, originates from one source, formed by the four main Elements of Life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
This Summer, each of these elements will send its disciples to us, and guided by the power of music we will all unite and celebrate life in this new land:

A land of pleasure,
A land of happiness,
A Land of Love.

DR. LEKTROLUV (Lektroluv Rec., BE)
DJ F.R.A.N.K. - Bonzai All Stars
Freaquency - Lester Williams - Lennert
Wolfs - Robert Falcon - Makasi - Funk D - Jelle van Dael - Audiophonic! - Satchmo

Franky Kloeck - Jan Vervloet - Da Rick
Bolle - Olivier Pieters - Lisa Nova - BPM - The Launch - Oli4 & Butnex

Goe vur in den Otto - Linde Merckpoel & Johnny DC - Dirk Stoops
Tone - 2 metal dj's - DJ Stef - dj ssstijn

Steve Redhead - Tom Hades - Frank Biazzi

Man outta space - Trixy - A-Bat - Cyrix - Xplovision

Lords of Tek -
Sub Zero Project - Lowriderz
Dark-E - Mandy - Sephyx - NSCLT - Unsenses - Nightcrawlers - TorquenT

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Festivalweide 't Hoge Torhout Early Bird zaterdag 26 augustus 2017 - 14:00 Uitverkocht
Festivalweide 't Hoge Torhout Normal ticket zaterdag 26 augustus 2017 - 14:00 Tickets bestellen
Festivalweide 't Hoge Torhout VIP zaterdag 26 augustus 2017 - 14:00 Uitverkocht